Earth Bionomy - The Laws of Life on Planet Earth
(An Introduction to Ergobionomy - Applied Bionomy)
1st Edition, June 15, 1997
By: Thom Day

It was discovered in the estuaries of south Florida that sick fish acquired their multi-affliction complexes 100 percent from the river basins where the land-sourcing water meets the ocean water. The chemical contamination of the estuarine water from agricultural and land-based sources causes suppression of the marine immune system and is followed by pathogenic symptoms of liver cancers, granulomatosis, leukemia, glaucoma, cataracts, and secondary infections caused by water-borne opportunistic mycobacterium and parasites(1). Developmental problems of spinal deformities, scale disorientation, fins in the wrong place and broken lateral lines are only a few of the DNA aberrant mutations caused by the same chemical exposure during this fish larval stage. If the fish survive the teratogenic impacts of chemically polluted water and make it back to clean sea water with the right oxygen level, an amazing immunorecursion or rebounding of their health takes place systemically. All symptoms of toxicosis, cancer and blood anemias vanish, and skin lesions heal quickly. The marine food chain is kept intact with this natural action of toxin purgence and rapid healing. The fin fish heal themselves, if given the chance, of all terminal afflictions, including new mycolytic infections, which have not been named as yet. This recovery intervention process in marine biology is called the Sindermann-Kandrashoff marine bioremedial procedure. What the marine creatures are capable of doing in the wild can now be easily demonstrated in a controlled environmental setting. It is a profound, orchestrated restoration of homeostasis (good health) from a suppressed immune condition.

(Chart 1)

And while marine biologists struggle to understand what happened, the new biotechnology needs to move forward. Willy, the Orca of Hollywood fame, is enjoying his new digs at his Oregon marina, where an Orca can thrive in a fresh environment, of cold, filtered sea water. He showed the world how to free one's self of cancer. Papilloma carcinomas (both front flipper unions and part of a tail section). He showed his keepers how great he liked his move. The change in his aquatic environment from Mexico City to Oregon (USA) triggered autonomal neuroendocrine immune responses which sent his growing tumors into reversal remission via selective tissue apoptosis while "fixing" the damage with new scar tissue and regenerated organ tissue. (Liver particularly, if it was damaged.) The fish populations of coastal America and Willy the Orca have a unique bioindication to share with humans who are willing to learn the simple secrets of environmental immunotherapy. These subtle bionomic venues have been in place since Earth time began. Cancer is a reversible affliction in the marine world. Nature is trying to teach the healing biomechanisms to those who study this discovery. These bionomic answers from the sea, concerning our cancer plight, are more advanced and more profound than any laboratory of humans can imagine. The laws of life are unified in a unique circle of presental events of continuous, open, adaptive and forward venturing modalities. Presental means present-tense mode. What does this mean for a biologist? How complicated can life become? (Figure 1)

If caught soon enough, with a proper working bioremedial intervention program in place, sick and dying sea creatures suffering from landsourcing teratoxicosis can demonstrate a unique immunorecursive potential to rebound from terminal afflictions acquired from their constantly changing polluted water environment close to land. How do they do this? Homeostasis is the equilibrium point or dynamic balance of all physiological functions which define life. The marine world comes equipped with a autonomal tool kit that has the ability to reset the immune system, when all else fails. It's like a last ditch, reserve punch to restore the system to good health for the marine creatures. Ergobionomy is the culmination of all the biology, all the chemistry and all the physics that constitute the biodynamics of a healthy life, both physical and mental, as we know it on this small planet we call, Earth. Do humans also have this immunorecursive potential in reserve? Can the Glavyn pro-immune(2) therapy protocol work as well on humans as the Sindermann-Kandrashoff marine bioremedial pro-immune procedure works on fin-fish? (Chart 2) The controlled clinical verification of this answer is in the process of being tried. In the meantime, several years of research notes need to be gleaned and organized to present a preliminary effort of laying out the laws of life for the first time: A scary prospect for sure if I am wrong, but an even more frightening and awesome prospect, if I am right. Chart 2 is a graphic interpretation of a linear life-line on a continuum of present tense reference frames. Life becomes a circle of regulated biological processes governed by bionomy.

A Historical Perspective

I am not the first human on this beach. I have long admired the writings of Alix Carrel, A French physician of the pre-World War II era. I consider him to be the first working bionomist.

In order to truly progress at this thing called "life" we must invent things that compliment the laws of life and never again invent things that are contrary to the laws of life.(3)

Dr. Carrel was a long-time friend of Charles Lindbergh and together they invented the first artificial heart in 1936. I have also been a life-long history buff of the invention process and the profound mystery of the human creational mind. The individual human spirit, given family love, proper resources and the freedom to explore and learn, can accomplish marvelous scientific and societal improvements in the human condition yielding a vast amount of practical opportunities to solve food, water and energy resource problems for the immediate future. We must figure out this cancer mess before we can proceed with anything of lasting merit and get back on track with inventing pro-life technologies for ourselves.... and our children. While the world waits, we must join hands and work together to solve this cancer riddle; no other task is more important at this time.

We will never understand the etiology or primary causes of these cancers and autoimmune afflictions until we understand the normal function of the biocell; how it was intended to work from the very beginning. Cancer prevention is a foolish notion of wishful thinking with current modalities of screwie diets and gimmicks. Until we grasp the "whyness" of cancer, hopefully with this writing effort, cancer therapies and prevention techniques will have only a marginal success potential. We must be prepared to discover new knowledge about the laws of life that will, at first seem to contradict long standing religious beliefs, but ultimately reinforce these beliefs with new insights and a higher level of understanding of our primordial origin and the ordered tenacity of DNA to withstand the weathering of time. The human species has not come about as a result of its own volition. A higher guidance of order has forged continuance for the human species through some twenty thousand generations of ancestral prodigy. The learning never stopped. The sustainable order and functioning progenesis of life is a tribute to the existence not just of a Supreme Being, but the very quiescence of Infinite Wisdom in design to continually, everyday, every minute, every second bring order with profound events of "life" from the depths of chaos in what we perceive as disunity in nature with preconceived notions of random assembly of biological systems. The encoding of fusion proteins, T-cells and enzymes are part of this list of profound events in the healing process. The self-regulating paradigm of programming for DNA with each cell division, to produce proteins on an as-needed basis, the autonomal sequencing of some very complicated biochemistry and biophysics: The immune system, within the human body, is its own pharmacy of healing factors and configurable genes and its been like that since the Beginning.

Within the limitations of our material, Earthly existence, we have the time to discover and hopefully appreciate the journey our souls must take in learning and discovering of the Creator. Cancer must not be allowed to cut that lifetime of searching and discovery short.

When we have learned how to beat cancer, once and for all, we will have arrived at a plateau of peace and understanding about the universe and our unique relationship with it.

In 1993, I first postulated the Phksen Theory of Cancer Genesis.(4) It was the result of a long study of tying a single environmental causal agent to explain the common connection among plant cancers, animal cancers and people cancers. It was the first of its kind to make such a brash statement about the origin of all cancer forms. I invited challenges to the hypothesis, but none showed. In the absence of debate and criticism, it was a hollow victory. It was a big nothing. In the last three years, I managed to revamp some of the text to clarify the vagueness. The phksen by itself, (heavy nitrogen anion) could not distort sections of DNA, and generate the aberrancy paths of cancer and other proliferating afflictions. Something was missing. I became my own critic of the Phksen Theory. The fish cancer studies and healings helped to resolve the problem. A myelotoxicosis table evolved quickly. (5)

Newton, Michaelangelo, Faraday, Maxwell, Curie, Edison, Westinghouse, Jefferson, Carrel, Ford, Firestone, Lindbergh, Churchill, Einstein and now the late Carl Sagan, all share a common bond: They never stopped searching for the answers. It seems that little bits and pieces of their collective psyche are a part of me as I venture onto the pages of this text and graphics charts.

Is bionomy a science? Yes, it is a unifying science. Owing to the dynamics of expanding knowledge, replete with combined sciences, it will never be complete. There are no boundaries to this life science. Once begun, Ergobionomy is a perpetual learning experience. Ergobionomy is applied bionomy on this planet called Earth; life does not work with theories or lack of blue prints.

There are five fundamental laws of life, as we know them, on this small planet of surface water and green plants: Ergobionomy

1) Progenesis of life cells with ATP (adenosine tri phosphate) is contiguous and interdependent on periodic elements, water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, sunlight and gravity. Life, as we Earthlings know it, cannot subsist with any one of these ingredients missing. Nature on Earth is very pro-life. And up to now, the only planet with our Sun that can support such diverse and on-going life forms. All antigens are synthesized by an alert immune system to respond to invasive antibodies. (Energy equations of state for life.)
2) Adaptability of cell's DNA to a changing environment is always occurring. The range of metabolic biochemistry responses governs the ability to survive. The biosphere range is very narrow like the metabolic range of tolerance and adaptability. Such adaptability of the Earth organism is the basis for progenesis of the species. Tolerance is mediated by the autonomal neuro-endocrine system, first by the cell systems, then by tissue systems, then by the neuropathogenic or control monitoring core system. The core system operates on electrical impulses, electromagnetic venues, protein messengers, protein receptors, membrane channels and ion transconductance. Deviation from the tolerance range shall always bring aberrant venues of mutations and hyperplasia and a wide range of cytotoxic effects including autoimmune afflictions. The energy of life, as we know it, is always forthcoming. This is the corporeal basis for the 'life force.' All viruses and virions originate from an aberrant intracellular immune system, struggling blind, to invent the right viral protein/viral enzyme to "fix" an S-phase DNA problem. Excess biogenic nitrogen (over-nitrogenation) leads to special aberrant concurrent proliferations in the microbial world. Bursts of certain insects, algae, bacterium, mycobacterium, amoebae (and rapid mutations) will occur spontaneously in nature when over-nitrogenation and climate conditions persist. All auto antigens are mis-synthesized by the immune system to respond to invasive antibodies that may not exist. (Equations of state for aberrancy.)
3) There is a dominance of yielding to homeostasis for the cell with a built-in default of apoptosis, or ab intra cell dissolution. Life always wants to "heal" itself of trauma, injury and privation. The full-functioning immune system has the capability of regenerating damaged organ tissues of liver cells, myelin cells, and stroma. Gene therapy within is a natural phenomenon. The biovectoring of immunorecursion toward homeostasis cannot take place until the blood/lymph system is substantially cleared of synthetic toxins and protein casts or debry. (Equations of state for Homeostasis.)
4) Cell mortality. Eventually, the life force attenuates for all living creatures and plants as natural aging process terminates the life cycle for all Earth biocell forms. Energy cannot be created or destroyed by itself, but transformed into other reference frames. (Equation of state for Death.)
5) The above four fundamental laws of life are unified on such a grand scale that microcellular adaptation can take place and thrive in distant galaxies with Earth-like planets and moons. The progression of "life" is potentially extensive throughout the Universe because Earth is only a hint of diversity of life-forms that can subsist when sustainable environmental factors are pro-life. Such sustainability cannot be maintained without order and the progenesis for force of such order. This order can never be assumed, therefore an Infinite Wisdom is present-tense in each cell mitosis, whether it be human, animal or plant. Order is the dominant theme of nature. Order cannot be maintained without a cell clock. Chaos can erupt as an aberrancy of cell order, not by itself, but by perverted disruption in the programmed sequence of life and the enzyme mediated timer or cadence coordination. Every event of biological chaos has a cause and effect. Energy is limited for chaos, but energy for order is conserved in this mortal existence. This means that the storms of chaos always end with the profusion, deliverance and calm restoration of order, as best that nature can provide, if given the chance. Unifying principles of physical chemistry, thermodynamics, adiabatic energy, magnetism, electricity and gravity are finely woven around the mantle of bionomy. Life, and its progenic presence, is the focal activity of all our physical and metaphysical sciences. (Equations of State for Unifying Field Applications.)

(Chart 3A) Ergobionomy and normoplasia of the biocell.

(Chart 3B) Cancer and aberrant proliferations of the biocell.

(Chart 3C) Homeostasis regained for the cell; the reindexing of normoplasia.

Within these five laws of life, are all the books of knowledge that have been written and the books that will be written dealing with biology, chemistry and physics and true gene therapy; it becomes one coherent body of growing knowledge: Ergobionomy. It is the sum of all the bits of knowledge that constitute good health, a dynamic equilibrium of all physical and cognitive functions as nature intends: The nature of Earth life. While molecular biology examines the function of a cell and its stroma with great detail, bionomy tells us why it needs to work that way. Bionomy gives us the bridge, with strong walkways, to crossover from the marine world to the people world. How can we simulate the metabolic environment of the fin fish in humans to test humans for immunorecursion potential: Two very different biological/neurological systems, but very much similar in cell mitosis physiology. The bionomic modalities of life progenesis are identical among the fish and their mammalian counter-parts. Biology tells us how different we are, but bionomy tells us how close to the same we really are. Most intracellular enzymes are identical in sea creatures and humans. It was determined through trial-and-error that increasing the heart rate to at least two times faster than rest rate brings the overall human metabolic rate or METS (metabolic equivalents) level up to that of the average fin fish using physical exercise on a motorized treadmill in a controlled clinical setting. If fatigue is not ingenered during the exercise period, stress hormones, which are known to suppress the immune system, are kept out of the blood stream. An array of autonomal responses, gathered from sports medicine manuals and heart stress test documents, work simultaneously to bioboost the immune system. Chart 4 is an initial presentation of what a structured workout generates within the moving, rapidly metabolizing, fast walking human body.

(Chart 4) Bioboosting the Human Immune system with physical exercise to achieve induced homeostasis.

With Chart 4, a 30 minute workout on a treadmill seroconverts the blood/lymph from a low energy state to a high energy, immune enhancing state. The blood/lymph composition is very different at the end of the 30 minute period compared with the start-up composition. As hemotalogy testing becomes quicker and more advanced, these blood changes will constitute many discoveries and new knowledge about blood/lymph chemistry. With forty simultaneous functions moving through the peak interval at the 12 minute mark, normal cells adapt to the change in metabolic rates while sick and aberrant cells cannot adapt to their ambient environmental change. It is clinically proven that cancer cells cannot tolerate sudden changes in temperature, pressure and energy rate changes; whereby normal, healthy cells can. High impact physical exercise periods, for short bursts, represent a physical bump and the blood/lymph chemistry surges with bionomulents to revitalize cell-to-cell communications. A bionomulent is a reserve biochemical agent that triggers the bionomulytic response of immunorecursion. Bionomulents are a specific group of short-lived neuropeptides and protein factors that bump the immune system from a low energy state to a high energy state, thus accelerating simultaneous, systemic healing events in a controlled fashion; pulling the biosystem out of an immune suppressed state. Thus far, primary creature bionomulents are beta-enkephalin and IFT, (intestinal trefoil factor) a gut healing protein, cell growth factors and several diones. And for primary plant bionomulents there are pytoalexin and PAL enzymes. The aberrancy, regardless of the type and location or the extent of metastases, is suddenly recognized and targeted for apoptosis by the engaging immune system which generates precision switcher macrophages and properly encoded helper T-cells. These are special white blood cells on a mission of mercy, not to kill the cancer cell but to simply switch its mitosis or growth factor off during cell division and let the cancer cell do itself in with arrested respiration. There is also a signal enzyme which is a precursor to natural apoptosis which is similar to a plant PAL enzyme.

The blue area of Chart 4 represents a snapshot of sorts, of changing components of the blood/lymph mass. The left side is a straight line, but the right side is wavy, indicating an inertial effect of some components to keep increasing while the first cool-down stage begins. The peak values are estimated because each person will have slightly different wellness range values.(6)

Since the blood/lymph is seroconverted to a cleaner, more purified state, a basic life-support agenda, all the organs and ground state interconnecting tissues are impacted positively by the increasing energy state of the fast moving body fluids. This is why we tend a "feel" better with exercise. The more routine the exercise patterns become, the more invigorated we become, just as nature intends. Diet is very important now to help regimen the mind and body to a corrected nutrition modality in concert with the immune system. So, what is keeping the immune system suppressed and the cancer rates continuing to climb and new autoimmune afflictions emerging?

A General Theory of Pan-ecotoxicosis and Aberrant Mutagenesis

Mother Nature has the ability to rebound from catastrophic acts of mankind. Currently there is an imbalance in nature. It is called over nitrogenation. When we burn fossil fuel hydrocarbons for energy we convert organocompounds into oxides of carbon and nitrogen and hydrogen. Most carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are taken up by limestone and plants. Hydrogen oxide is water in vapor form and just adds to the water portion of air. Nitrogen has several oxides which add nitrates to the water and soil. Molecular nitrogen is needed for all forms of life, creatures, plants and human. When we put synthetic fertilizers on our crops to increase the yield, there is a price to pay for the stressing of the soil. When we spray the fields and crops with pesticides, herbicides and fungicides we are introducing synthetics into the environment that were never there before, thus inducing environmental stress on all living things, and not just the bugs, the stuff we intended to subdue. When we douse our patios with fungicides we are increasing the toxin load to an already straining environment. And now, we have created for ourselves a multitude of synergistic brews when organophosphates are combined with organohalides in the presence of petroleum products, aerosols and heavy metals, which form diazonium complexes, highly immunotoxic and mutagenic substances. While Mother Nature is trying her best to defend the biosystems with biosyntosis, or synthetically forming new cellular enzymes and coenzymes to metabolize the new mutatoxins, new pathogens are evolving and mutating from the increase in biogenic nitrogen and phosphorus. These new strains of bacterium, mycobacterium, and fungi are drug resistant. And as the immune system experiments in an unique trial-and-error process, viral enzymes error-evolve into virions and viruses, thus presenting the biota with new challenges to the adaptability of the biocell to defend the homeostasis while surviving another cell division.

This means that current antibiotics cannot stop the new contagions emerging in both developed countries and third world countries. We can expect, over the next five years according to WHO (World Health Organization), tremendous losses of life of people and farm animals due to outbreaks of new strains of encephalitis, influenza, cholera, tuberculosis, pneumonia, AIDS, heart disease and cancer. All because of environmentally induced immunosuppression, primarily from man-made sources; lack of clean water for basic hygiene, consumption and nutrition. What is the biomechanism of immunosuppression by outside agents? A quick study in the condition of the Indian River Lagoon near Stuart, Florida in June of 1995, 50 percent of the fin-fish catch rate at random showed marine infections and cancers. A mystery infection of a respiratory nature is discovered. Is it a new mycobacterium or a mutated pfiesteria? In January of 1996, state and federal authorities were alerted to the contamination of the estuary. These fish of many species were not fit for human consumption.(1) There was no public alert given. There was no review of data or samples. There was a reluctance on the part of the local news media to print the facts. Four months later, an abbreviated article appears. The public was not aware of our findings. The fish infection rates continued. In March of 1997, local restaurants are importing their fish products. Local aquariums and nature ponds are finding sick and diseased fish. Tourists and fishing enthusiasts are catching fish with skin ulcers and gross deformities. Leaf trees in the area are showing multiple plant teratomas for the first time. The mystery infection is pathogenic among the fish and appears to have increased in virulence. Another mystery infection appears on the skin of some of the random fish samples: A small yellow-to-orange sometimes green patch on the skin surface. I call it a photomycogen. This is a class of mycobacterium that looks like a fungus but very small with a very pronounced sporinosis. And what of the wild dolphins that dine on these sick fish? And what of the sea birds, seals, whales, otters, minks, dogs, cats, cattle and panthers? How are they doing with the degraded water coming from these estuaries and rivers? With the release of the O'Malley report entitled, "Clinical Evaluation of Pesticide Exposure and Poisonings," a casual picture comes together quickly. (Lancet, Vol 349, April 19, 1997: pgs. 1161-1166)

(Chart 5) Graphics of Simultaneous Functions.

What is happening? Chart 5 graphically describes what is occuring: The laws of life are being challenged; the bionomy is being attacked. The attackers are not monsters from outer space or an avenging God, nor a placating devil. We humans have caused this plethora of afflictions of plants, all of wild life....and ourselves and our children. This is not ignorance of the environment and the unseen impact of human activities on our one and only biosphere, but of an arrogance towards stewardship and the wisdom of responsibility. Shall nature have the last laugh?

Chart 5 represents the "whileness" of bionomy, the dynamics of interacting profiles of cause and effect relationships; the subtle interlinking of earth physics, earth chemistry, and earth biology with three simultaneous graphs. The most inner graph, G1, called the Life Profile graph, shows a study degrading of the immune system, be it plant, creature or human. This is caused by chronic increasing toxic load on the various immune systems at the same time. With the immune systems being impaired by environmental stress on a continuous basis, homeostasis, or good health status of any given biosystem, begins to deteriorate. The natural defenses are breaking down, toxic metabolites impact on a microcellular level. New terms enter the picture: Xenobiotics and xenopiotics; outside chemicals and outside EM (electromagnetic) signals mimic inside endogenic biochemical and biogenic signals needed in the contiguous workings of biological functions. When homeostasis is lost, so is the intricate purity of cell-to-cell communications and feedback control with the autonomal endocrine-immune interlinked, or unified life support, systems.

Not symptomatic at first, in graph 2 of Chart 5, three distinct sensitivity venues are building simultaneously. The attitudinal line is linear in its rise. Brain chemistry is changing from a normal homeostasis condition with the correct neuropeptides and hormones in balance to something not normal. Blood serum showing nitrogen radicals, autoreactive T-cells, substrates of teratoxins, enzymoides (broken enzymes) and blood residue particles. Normal oxygen level show slight decline. Efferent signals, return nerve impulses, are not even and are incoherent. EEG (electroencephlalograph) brain waves tend to get longer and sluggish with loss of pattern. First symptoms of brain-blood contamination; irritability, normal sleep patterns disturbed, anxiety problems, inability to concentrate and depression. Acute symptoms at the high end are exotoxic induced schizophrenia and severe neurological depression. As attitudinal sensitivity increases, so do the symptoms. Stress-vent bickering, overt pessimism with sudden bouts of severe exhaustion and dementia-like events (brain fog) are the mark of a patient not suffering from mental illness but more likely, environmental neurotoxicosis. Immune-induced encephalitis (sleeping sickness) is a clear indication of serocontamination by environmental toxins of benzene, organophosphates, smoke residues, and chronic exposure to low-level fungus products. Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy is an autoimmune affliction that involves retroviruses and is usually the endstage diagnosis if chronic symptoms persist. Chaos comes to the brain when the so called brain-blood barrier breaks down and teratoxins as xenometabolites are allowed to enter intricate nutrient/oxygen gates on neuron cells.

The chemical sensitive line is also linear. Allergosis sets in as homeostasis is declining in G1-5. As the slope rises so does hypersensitivity to exposure of various chemicals and common food stuffs. Outside chemicals and contaminants which intrude are called xenobiotics. Some of the xenobiotics can mimic serum hormones. Epithelial cells are most sensitive to loss of homeostasis. These cells comprise over 30 different linings in the body including skin. Blood contamination, even in parts per billion, have an effect on epithelial cell membranes. The cell walls develop thin spots. The membrane texture is changed. The cell metabolism is strained. The purine proteins are altered by traces of benzo-alpha-pyrene. Gut mucosa linings start to break down in direct relation to decline in the immune defenses. Sinus mucosa, pulmonary mucosa and vaginal mucosa linings are impaired. Bone marrow osmogen and blood cell progenitor cells begin to pump out altered red blood cells. There is a shift in nitrogen/carbon ratios of these aberrant cells. Hemoglobin contents vary. Many hybrid versions of the same red blood cell enter the blood stream. There are over a hundred versions of the red blood cell with slight variations in molecular weight. Mutations in DNA content show up later in the hemopoietic or blood source centers. As time progresses, and chronic environmental stress proceeds, aberrant white blood cells make an appearance. There is a direct relationship of growing sensitivity and myelotoxicosis in the emergence of a whole series of leukemogenic events, which lead to leukemia and lymphatic cancers. Not only is the blood reaching response threshold levels of chemical contamination, but also the lymph fluids are changing in composition and color. All the organs, including skin, are impacted.

Electromagnetic sensitivity line is nonlinear. (G2-5) It has an ascending curve to it. This means that while attitudinal sensitivity and chemical sensitivity are increasing linearly or straight line, the biocell's sensitivity to electromagnetic energy intrusion increases exponentially, much quicker than linear or straight line events. As the cell's membrane is changing on the chemical sensitivity scale, its ability to refractively deflect stray xenopiotics is changing. The biocell begins to absorb and transconduct outside EM frequencies into the mitochondria and genome core of the cell where messenger enzymes and the cell's DNA reside. This interferes with the cell-to-cell communications network and the biomechanism of feedback control with the pharmacokinetic immune system. The refractive index of the blood serum-water content is increasing which alter the interaction frequency of the normal EM fields. The natural set of EM frequencies used by the body are suddenly inundated with several thousand frequencies beginning with the threshold wave length of 225 nm, near visible light in the ultraviolet range and a dual canopy of frequencies opens all along the EM spectrum. Once the threshold is breached, EM frequencies from several Hertz (Hz), or cycles per second, to 3000MHz (Megahertz) are measurable. This exponential flooding of EM frequencies disrupts the normal flow of EM communications and ionic messengers at receptor sites. What does all this EM interference mean? Beyond the Einsteinian physics of Relativity and Maxwellian partial differential energy equations, there is the single skin cell that is traumatized by environmental toxicosis. The subcutaneous lipid layer has bioaccumulated ingested toxins that the liver enzymes cannot metabolize. These toxins are benzene, pesticides, PCB's, hydrocarbons, junk hormones, and residues, which the body is trying to get rid of through the skin pores. They sensitize the upper skin layers so that the natural defenses are compromised. The hostile outside world of microbes, mycobacterium and bio-arousals seize the opportunity and attack the immune suppressed skin cells. The skin cell also has lost its ability to manage sunlight exposure. Sunlight is needed by the body for vitamin D metabolism in the photosynthesis of good things for the system. Without sunlight, there can be no life on this planet, no oxygen to support the vast biota that depend on oxygen to stay alive. So, why has the Sun's benevolence been converted to killer status in the progenesis of skin cancer? Sunlight induced infliction on the skin or involved with vision is a bioindication of chronic environmental toxicosis of the skin organ of conjugated epithelia cells being stressed to the extent of severe genome core trauma. Sunlight is a triggering mechanism of skin cancer and not the primary cause of it. As the lipotoxins migrate to the surface, either by layer progression, pore expurgation, or both, photolytic teratoxins induce all forms of skin cancer. The adjacent aberrant proliferations of lupus and other autoimmune responses are all part of the same skin cell DNA mutatoxin intrusion, mediated by outside environmental xenobiotics and xenopiotics.

And finally, to complete the discussion about Chart 5 there is the linear risk assessment scale in the Prognosis Profile Graph, G3. It simply means that chronic exposure to combined environmental agents, both chemical and physical, have an ascending risk association. If you survive long enough with an immune compromised body and central nervous system and are able to cope with the increase of growing sensitivity to environmental chemicals and electromagnetic fields of many kinds, including x-rays, the risk of contracting cancer will be nearly 80 percent sometime in your lifetime and almost 100 percent certainty in your senior years, if current pollution trends of the food/water web continue. We can quibble about the numbers on your time, not mine. I need to proceed to the next research topic and study, what I hope to be, the solution to this mess and not be mired in the muck of continually studying the problem, over and over again.

Lessons, Remedy and Prognosis

If ever there was a time to witness the clinical proof of the mind-body connection, environmental immunotherapy is the right venue and THE place to be. Stop all anti-immune chemotherapies, clean up the blood/lymph/lipid contamination, with exercise; get the oxygen uptake level back to where it should be as quickly and safely as possible, alter eating habits, changing to clean, low fat foods and balanced nutrition, and watch what happens. We call it jump-shocking the immune system to a better, healthy lifestyle. And the body gladly responds with more cognitive energy, more physical energy and more spiritual energy. It is finally back in tune or synchronal with its natural inherent homeostasis biorhythms and 'che.'

We have to invent our way out of this cancer mess, if we want to give our children a chance at a better, cleaner, cancer-free tomorrow. Therefore, for the offspring of my children's children, whom I will not get to meet, this conversation is for you so that you will understand how the fight was waged and how it was won.

Why are the honey bees becoming encysted with parasites and mites? Why are the pond frogs becoming deformed? Why are the dragonflies becoming extinct? Why are the fish and Beluga whales burdened with cancer? Why are the wild birds besieged with parasites? Why are human children dying from new forms of leukemia and terminal brain cancers? Why are new strains of bacterium resistant to our best antibiotics? Why are cattle coming down with bovine leukemia and turkeys dying from avian leukemia? Why are some city zoos losing their prize animals to multiple afflictions of chronic granulomatosis, liver cancers, bladder cancers, lung cancers, leukemias and drug-resistant infections? Why are the oak trees dying from infections and teratogenic tumors? Why are we humans last to understand what is happening to the environment that we once took for granted? If we fail to learn these simple lessons, then the animals of the sea will once again rule the world void of humanoid control and competition for what is left of the food chain. If we fail to concern ourselves about this, then the human species, for the first time in recorded history, will join the endangered species list of Earth creatures threatened with extinction. Who will care for the human species? We will be demised by our own indifference and stupidity and not by military warfare. This is certainly not the Divine Plan. The destiny of the human species is to explore the vastness of space in search of other intelligent lifeforms, knowing full well that we learned some very expensive lessons in being responsible keepers of our home planet, Earth. We have become more prayerful, more appreciative and more sociable in the process, making us fit and congenial travelers in time and space and not walking, talking contagions in the new worlds that await us.

We can invent our way out of this cancer mess, if we pull together to achieve the best possible outcome or level of homeostasis with the rigorous development of pro-immune, wellness life styles and rebuild our transportation base. Now, for the solution side of this equation with the help of bionomy.

Bioboosting the immune system with physical exercise means what from Chart 4? The human body was not designed to live a sedentary life style, it was designed to be a vibrant, thinking, feeling, lean, working machine that needs love, learning, attention and fulfillment. The autonomal or inherent mind-body living, functioning dynamics is about progression, not illness, disease and depression. Deep within the recesses of the brain stem and the hypothalamus resides the life force for living, not for dying. The will to live is very strong in its uncontaminated state. The attempt to show the dynamics of it all with 40 simultaneous functions of the heart, lungs, and immune system is but an initial start on the wondrous workings of the human body to want to live to the full extent of the inherent capabilities and life potential waiting to come forth. We have only begun to see the true magnificence of the healing process, thanks to the fish experiments in south Florida.

The cure for all the cancers and related proliferating aberrant afflictions are within, just waiting to be discovered, organized and written about. And as the citadels of resistance pass away, a new surge of energy inventions, that do not require petroleum, will emerge to bring us yelling and stomping into the 21st century, ready for more learning and good experiences, rid of the fear and burdens of cancer. Let this good fight begin!

The last chart, Chart 6, is a graphic display of sick fish. When Earth bionomy is abused, this is what happens on a daily basis. It is nature's early warning system of a collapsing ecology. Not only is this loss of fish preventable, but with the Sindermann-Kandrashoff bioremedial intervention procedure, these afflictions are 95 percent reversible for the fish, cross-species if caught soon enough. This is nature's solution-side of the wellness equation for marine creatures.

When the detoxing phases of the Glavyn procedure start, immunorecursion is triggered. The first noticeable improvement will be the eccentricity of the curve on EM line in (Chart 5) G-2 starts to straighten out and fall to the X-axis line. The chemical sensitivity line also starts to fall to the X-axis line. And with decreasing stress, the attitudinal line falls. And while all three lines are flattening, critical feedback cell signals are being restored within.

The proof of this statement is that when a malignant cell is de-stressed with detoxicosis, normal cell communications are restored and the transformation of immunorecursion takes place. Adjacent skin cells regain their sunlight tolerance and the skin cancer cells are replaced through controlled, ordered, neighbor-cell mediated and signaled apoptosis. The malignancies go into reversal remission, or arrested development in the full presence of sunlight by the sea, with the wind blowing and the surf tossing about on the hard sand beach with energy and sound that reach clear to the human soul. The storms are over, it is time to let the healing begin...and be happy, healthy, caring, responsible adventurers once again. Let the immune system be free to perform the way it was designed from the Beginning.


I am overwhelmed by the number of new cancer cases and autoimmune afflictions being forecast into the 21st century from many sources on the Internet.

As this research effort on Earth bionomy matures with many updates and new editions I will present all the finds and forecasts being made by some very astute groups of talented individuals. I don't want to study the problem anymore; I prefer to study the solution. From the fish cancer research in 1995, I saw how fin fish seroconverted their terminal prognosis into an energetic, homeostasis condition, via immunorecursive apoptosis. My mission is clear. Our brewing ecological catastrophe or pan-ecotoxicosis is THE problem caused by unchecked anthropological, man-made, environmental immunotoxicosis. Its a mouthful to simply state that we have produced our own teratogenic environment in which people, pets, livestock, wildlife, sea creatures and plants get cancer and other aberrant proliferative afflictions and infections. Not only is the food/water chain contaminated, but the gene pool is now contaminated. How many studies in aberrant mutations of wildlife do we need to realize we have a big problem. Environmental immunotherapy is clearly the solution. The marine creatures have shown the way and the medical orthodoxy is in for a big jolt on the simplicity of it all.

The marine creatures have shown the way with the dynamics of pro-immune restoration of good health or homeostasis modalities. I and my physician friends are going to have a lot of fun teaching the world how the biosystem rebounds normopathically from a chronic immune suppressed state without all the cytotoxic chemotherapies, radiation treatments and fancy bills. These days of patient abuse are over. Its time for a change, and not a moment too soon. While the marine scientific community is verifying the findings of the Sindermann-Kandrashoff bioremedial marine healing effect in a controlled environment with proper quarantine venues in place, I need to move on with this translational research and jump from the marine biosystem to the human biosystem. Can we get sick and dying cancer patients to seroconvert from a terminal prognosis to a wellness state with a pro-immune therapy that has been derived from the sea? Is it possible to take the knowledge and biotechnology gained from the fish experiments near the sea and apply this directly to the human condition? It sounds too simple. Can we get the Glavyn Pro-immune exercise therapy to work on cancer patients, as well as, the Sindermann-Kandroshoff marine intervention works on sick and cancerous fish? I was shepherding sick fish through six separate quarantine phases and watched them heal themselves completely of all symptoms of toxicosis and cancer. When the reproducibility factor or success rate reached 98%, I knew this was something significant and occurs in nature all the time. Now the real work has begun. How do I get medical people to help with this Glavyn procedure? Most are eager to prove me wrong. Who will take the side of the cancer patient and at least try this method?

The design is workable, no FDA approval is required, because no drugs or radiation are required to trigger a natural phenomenon. What's the hold up? The waiting is painful for me. I want to go back to the sea and work with the sick fish, whales and dolphins. Research stations need to be set up to cycle these sick sea creatures for all the world to see and learn from. Other countries will participate when they see this rebounding of an important resource. This is where I belong by the sea, teaching farmers and ranchers how to work with fishermen and help turn this mess around. When they see these sick fish heal themselves, they will be genuinely moved by the experience and want to joint hands to help.

When the time comes for me to teach students, this paper will be the basis for Applied Bionomy 101. The learning, the research and writing will never stop for me. Whatever time I have left in the mortal existence will be spent on this worthy cause.

The most significant impact of this summa science of bionomy is that it leads to Theology. The laws of life do not harbor a survival for the strongest or the mightiest, but a cellular mandate to help and mentor each other to survive trauma events...and get on with life. When the immune system is operating the way it is supposed to there is a cloistering of cells and communication links about the aberrancy and a collective healing process becomes evident. This is the dominant theme of the philosophy of bionomy. This healing of the body also brings about a healing of the mind. And I have no doubt this means a healing of the human soul as well. The totality of the human spirit is manifested in the radiance of good health; physically, mentally and spiritually. We must return to our biblical roots and once again be keepers of the land and of the sea and of the sky.

Now we have the opportunity to be better scientists, better teachers, better theologians, better engineers, better parents and better keepers and better inventors...because now we know why we have to improve. Our battles with the cancer and autoimmune affliction epidemic have only just begun. And when it is all over, we will be awed by the realization that all these sufferings and unnatural deaths could have been avoided had we paid more attention to the early signs in nature, the warnings from the wildlife of sick land animals and sick sea creatures of the oceans when they first started appearing some 200 years ago, and more recently, the accelerated data lacing of the last 30 years. The causes are being isolated and identified. They are 100% environmental and we are all to blame. We have been betrayed by our own ignorance and unwillingness to face hard facts about increasing pollution burdens and letting politicians decide what is best for us with our increasing affluence, disregard for the environment and controlled news media.

We have relinquished our sovereignty of individual rights by ignoring our responsibilities at self-government. 2,000,000 new cases of cancer are expected in 2000 A.D. in America alone. This is 20% of the world cancer burden in the same year. Will America get the prize for the highest per capita incidence rates of cancer in the world during 2000 A.D.? When this new millennium begins, I will hopefully be in a church by the sea praying that our experiments will work better than the 30% remission rate which is currently acceptable to the medical community. These loses of human life to cancer and autoimmune afflictions are inexcusable and the medical sciences need to good purging of the junk science that engine's this logic. All cytotoxic anti-immune chemotherapies need to be junked. The drug companies need to make a 180 degree about face on this and start inventing pro-immune drugs, chemical regimens that will help the immune system fight cancer, instead of beating it down to the detriment of the cancer patient who is trying desperately to survive a bought with cancer. There is a new crop of medical students coming out of these medical schools, they are bright, articulate and mad as hell. They want to see drastic changes in health care delivery systems to benefit the patient, not the HMO's and old doctor clicks that forfeited their Hippocratic oath. I am encouraged by these young, rebellious men and women in the scientific and medical communities.

When the American public wakes up to realities of pan-immune suppression by the water we drink, the air we breathe and the food we eat...they are going to be mad as hell too. There will be nowhere to hide for the civic leaders who suppressed data and evidence from the public about pan-ecotoxicosis and the ill health effects which resulted, including all the mutations, cancers and most chronic illnesses. I will be easy to find. I will be in my laboratory teaching students how to take better care of their health and the health of the animals and plants. I won't be able to teach the sea creatures anything new, for you see, they taught me.

From this effort my task is clear, each cancer form must be profiled by genome alleles or index cell base gene aberrancy potential, its apoptosis enzyme league venue and the best methods or modalities of prevention and non-reoccurrence. This bionomy paper is the foundation for all the new investigations of cancer and autoimmune affliction causes in the environment, virus formations research and immunocorrective motifs. It is the beginning of a large project to say the least. I shall call the profiles, Glavyn profiles in aberrant proliferation. I will start with the Glavyn Pro-Immune profile of breast cancer, its etiology, early detection, apoptosis plane, and best prevention scenario as verified by others. My wife, two sisters and my three daughters-in-law are the driving impetus in this decision to tackle breast cancer first, based on bionomulytic principles gained from this paper. All the inventions and discoveries that follow will be named after my friends in a gesture of appreciation of their friendship and mentoring while we are still alive and kicking. With the Good Lord willing and my Ford doesn't quit, we are going to get to the bottom of this cancer business no matter what it takes, and solve this mess we have made for ourselves and our children. The future is most certainly, now, when it comes to bionomy based cancer research and resolution. Finally, we will discover what triggers spontaneous remission in 1 to 2% of cancer patients and autoimmune patients. I have a hunch that we are right on top of the answer...and its always been there, waiting to be discovered and appreciated.


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(8) CHARTS 3a, 3b and 3c Development

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(10) CHART 5 Development

For three days in February 1997, an international group of medical doctors and scientists got together in Dallas, Texas. I was enlightened by the case studies and many conversations about integrative health care. Big changes were taking place in the medical industry and I was fortunate enough to be right there. When all was said and done, I was able to graphically depict and interpret what they said. An appendix needs to be added to show the title of the papers presented and where these individuals came from for this important gathering.

(11) CHART 6 Development

Photographics say it all.

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