Alvyn and Gladys Day
Memorial Cancer Research Foundation
Statement of Position
The Day Cancer Research Foundation was founded as a lasting memorial in honor of our dear parents who both died from cancer related afflictions. The research focus of this foundation is to discover the common pathogenesis among human cancers, animal cancers and plant cancers so that more effective, patient-friendly therapies in cancer prevention/detection procedure can be adopted to help save human lives, pets, marine life, livestock and plant life from the ravages of cancer and related killer diseases classified as autoimmune afflictions. Bionomy, the science and study of the laws of life, is struggling to survive and remain intact.
Address: P.O. Box 2184
Stuart, Florida
Vox: 573/636-8939
Fax: 573/634-4870
Officers: Thomas Day, President & Projects Director
Suzanne Day-James, Vice President & Grants Coordinator
Kathryn Day, Secretary/Treasurer & Administration
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Type of Organization
The Day Cancer Research Foundation is a Florida based public, not-for-profit corporation:

  Tax I.D. number 65-0400315.
Date of Incorporation: April 7, 1993.

  1. Tax deductible contributions will be solicited from individuals, corporations, and civic organizations to fund research projects and issue grants to qualified investigators in the oncology, veterinary biology, marine biology and plant pathology fields, who are specifically engaged in cancer analysis, detection and apoptosis modalities in their respective fields.
  2. The Day Cancer Research Foundation will build an administer a unique library open to the inquiring public on the latest research efforts and sources of statistical data on the chemical and physical links among mammalian cancers, fish cancers and plant cancers. Special emphasis will be put on a video tape library of electronic documentation of people and their various projects so that a researcher in one field can cross-discover what a researcher is doing in another field of the same or similar microcellular analysis of the earth's biosphere and the various life forms which it supports.
  3. The Day Cancer Research Foundation will build and administer a unique computer system called Cancer Information Management and Data Projection system, whereby cancer clusters can be identified by type, densities and living systems on a geographical location basis.
  4. The Day Cancer Research Foundation will build and administer its own independent research facilities so that visiting researchers will have living quarters and state-of-the-art laboratory equipment in a structured, creative environment. The Glavyn Pro-Immune® therapy research is the focus of our mission.
  5. The Day Cancer Research Foundation will publish a monthly newsletter for paying members detailing cancer research news and analysis to keep subscribers informed of discoveries, reference sources and project developments. A Cancer Help Resources List is provided free of charge on our fax line.

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